About this Blog

My main goals for this blog are to get to know other writers and readers and to share my knowledge and opinions on writing, electronic books, self-publishing, and other related topics.

My background in theatre gives me a perspective into the writing craft that varies quite a bit from many (but not all) of the books that I’ve read on the subject. I’ll share some of the techniques that I use for my writing in the Muse Crafting for Writers, Crafting Characters, and Crafting Plots sections and in other related posts. While I don’t claim to be an expert on writing, I do know a great deal about creative visualization and creating characters that ring true from both my acting days and my writing experience. I would like to share my experience via this blog because I have always felt that knowledge sharing is a vital part of being an internet citizen.

I also plan to use this blog to keep my writing on track by posting updates and status reports and to get feedback on my writing by posting excerpts. I also will not lie and will bluntly admit that I hope many of the people who read this blog will purchase my books when they become available for sale.