I have a lot in common with this page and this blog: I'm a work in progress. 

Fiction Writing Biography
Carel Lyn Miske has a broad background in the arts and entertainment. Although her primary love has always been writing, she has dabbled in most of the creative arts. Her father was an artist and she grew up attending art fairs and visiting art communes. After many years of performing in the chorus of musicals, she became a theatrical technician and specialized in stage management and lighting. Her favorite fiction genres are horror, romance, science fiction, and alternate history. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Non-fiction Writing Biography
Carel Lyn Miske has thirty years of experience in programming, nearly twenty years experience in web development, and over ten years experience in ebook formatting and related technologies. She holds a bachelor of science in business administration in Management Information Systems and is pursuing a master’s degree in the same subject. Her research interests include natural language processing, content management, and knowledge management. She is the co-founder of an ebook publishing company.

Personal Biography
Carel is a hippie-ish slacker hacker (but not a cracker-type hacker) who has spent most of her life writing stories because her impudent muse is rarely silent. She left college the first time around to pursue a career in technical theatre. She left theatre when the lightboards became computerized and eliminated the art of being an op. After three decades of programming and nearly a decade of guru-ing in internet technologies, she sold out and got a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. As an introvert, she actively pursues anonymity, but she has finally decided that she needs to come out of the closet and work on her personal and professional platform and her social skills. She is the co-founder and acquisitions editor for an ebook publishing company and will soon self-publish some of her fiction and non-fiction through that venue. She’d love to get a dog, but the gigantic stray cat that she took in a few years back would probably eat it. She loves reading and writing, but not arithmetic. A lifetime resident of Lake Geneva, WI, she moved to Las Vegas, NV several years ago and quickly learned that what happens there pretty much happens everywhere. She looks forward to meeting you along the path of her social media adventure.